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Welcome to the Fertility Education Web Site which teaches you about fertility, infertility and Natural Family Planning.

Fertility is a precious gift which enables couples to have children and enjoy the blessings of family life. However, not all couples are equally blessed with this gift.

This web site can help couples in all these situations. It explains how fertility works and, in particular, the pattern of a woman’s cycle. Armed with this knowledge, couples can plan, space and limit family size by education rather than by using invasive procedures.

What Couples Can Learn From This Website


If this is your first visit to our site we strongly recommend that you start by reading the tutorial Understanding Your Fertility.

A few Fertility Facts to think about:

Facts A man is fertile all the time, producing millions of sperm at each act of intercourse

Facts A woman, by contrast, usually produces one egg per monthly cycle which can be fertilised for about 12 hours

Sperm can live for 3 - 6 days before ovulation, given good conditions

So conception can occur from intercourse up to 6 days before ovulation. Allowing a further 3 days for the release and life span of the egg, the rest of the cycle is infertile.