Fertility Education & Training

About Us

Fertility Education & Training was originally set up in 1992 as a charitable trust (Fertility Education Trust) by a group of people interested in promoting fertility education and the understanding of how Natural Family Planning (NFP) works. It was felt at the time that there was a lack of visual teaching material for helping people to understand the delicate workings of their fertility. Most illustrations were too medical and complicated. Therefore great emphasis was placed on the production of simple, attractive and colourful teaching aids which could be used worldwide, with people of all educational backgrounds. Much of the work can be seen on the web site.

Accurate charting of fertility signs is also vital to the success of NFP. Therefore it was important to develop charts which could be used internationally, were easy to read, fill in and interpret.

After experiments with several different types of charts, the current format, based on the seasonal colours of trees, was found to be the simplest, most effective means of recording fertility signs. The chart book is now into its 4th edition. It has also been translated into Russian and Kyrgyz as a result of successful teaching programmes in those countries.

In September 2010, the trustees decided to discontinue the charitable status but continue the work as before. The web name was changed to Fertility Education & Training and it still operates from its base in Cardiff, South Wales, UK and continues to be directed by Mrs. Colleen Norman B.A. and colleagues.

The FET works very closely with the Natural Family Planning Teachers Association (NFPTA) and helps with the running of NFP Teacher Training Courses, nationally and internationally, providing visual teaching materials and personnel.